martes, 16 de abril de 2013


My name is Virginia and I´m a proud mama to three beautiful girls and have a wonderful husband.

I´m not a super woman as we´re expected to be nowadays and don´t want to be one either.  I just try to do my best in what I love doing, which is teaching,  and my top priority is my family.

I teach English as a Second Language and have a degree in International Trade. I´ve combined those two things I love, so for the past 15 years I´ve been teaching English and business English at university and also at high school, although my first years were as a primary teacher. I had such a great time with young children!

I´d love to share my experiences, resources and ideas. and hope you will do too. Comments are welcome anytime.  I find there aren´t many good blogs with nice and useful resources in Spanish for teachers, so I´ll have a link for Spanish stuff here

I´m into crafts, anything DIY, decoration, painting, gardening, photography, fashion and design. And parenting of course! This is my first blog ever, so I hope to help and enjoy with you all as well.

See you!


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